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english antique furniture

Antiques Secret

We are England's best kept secret source of supply.
Owing to the fact, that no one can come close to the way we handle things.
Our competitors dread the thought of anyone discovering us.
Its hard to put on a web site just how vast and efficient our operation is, however we shall try our best.

  • Where else in England & Europe can you go & find 400 good quality armoires?
  • Where can you choose from a 100 hall trees?
  • Who do you know that always carries 500 Barley Twist items of furniture ?

See what we mean, the list is endless.

We have just purchased a new tractor unit and 3 more 40ft containers on trailers (SEMIS).
This now enables us to travel around Europe selecting pieces to bring back to England and then mix in with the English items, to give our export containers a little more variety.


Newfield House
Middleton Road
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